First Mesmerie products were crafted around the year of 2000, by a group of people with one united vision: to create high-quality beauty products using the best ingredients and the best technology.

Many years of experience have taught us that the most important thing is to listen to the people who use our products – both professional cosmeticians and their clients. We always create in line with the latest beauty trends, and we are not afraid to experiment!

As it often happens, our company has evolved throughout the years – we renamed our brand and we changed the range of our products; we explored many markets and collaborated with various partners. However, one thing never changed and it never will – our love and passion for beauty and skincare development. We strongly believe that beauty has a deeper meaning, we know that everyone holds a unique inner beauty inside, and that this beauty should be displayed.

We know that beauty is not just about appearance, but that it also stands for health, care and nurture.

Beauty is confidence and positive energy. Beauty initiates life.

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